Mr. Druman Patel

“Success doesn’t depend on age but unwavering determination” – Druman is the epitome of this thought. He’s a young leader with a solid resolute whose career achievements make him a role model for young and adults alike. With his experience in the accounting industry and an exceptional know-how in Transaction Advisory, he is presently a Partner at Manubhai & Shah LLP.

Though he is a master of resource management and delegation, he’s often seen taking ownership of tasks. He’s a remarkable team player and watching him multitask is a feast for the eyes.

The journey

After graduating from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Druman commenced his internship in the US. During a period of almost a year, he picked up the practical nitty-gritties of accounting and soon became an expert. Post his internship, he returned to India and commenced his journey with Manubhai & Shah LLP.

Professional and personal interests

The hunger to see how the world outside works led Druman to New York right after graduation. Being an accomplished thinker, he’s a problem-solver for the current organization. Process engineering, problem solving and strategy are among his multiple fields of interest.

On the personal front, he is an optimist with a positive attitude. His personality traits fetch him admiration from everyone around him.

A brilliant leader

Since it comes naturally to him, the leadership attributes demonstrated by Druman are beyond imagination. He works closely with people and makes them realize their true potential, and in doing so, he inspires excellence. Becoming a partner at Manubhai & Shah LLP at such a young age did not surprise those who knew him well.

Educational qualifications

Druman started his journey as a CA student in 2012. With a display of commitment and persistence, he completed his Chartered Accountancy with flying colors.


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