Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy

Our team identifies critical areas that need attention through a holistic analysis of your organization, and we suggest solutions that help your organization leverage core strengths to achieve your long-term objectives successfully.

Management Consultancy1

The following are the sub-services we offer under Management Consultancy:

Management Audit

The company’s success is based on its operations that are adhering to its vision and mission that founders envisaged. It becomes the responsibility of the management to grow the business in congruence with it. The compliant policies that are framed and their successful implementation is what we take care of. Our management auditors will comprehensively look into policies framed, strategies adopted, and resources deployed by the entity and will timely evaluate management’s performance with respect to all stakeholder’s interests and entity’s reputation.

Claims Verification

Our detailed verification of claims includes checking the correctness of claims lodged, its validity with the policy, timeliness of the process, and the overall accuracy. This will enable the entity to have proper documentation and the assurance of the fund utilized against the claims.

Designing Internal Financial Control Systems and Processes

Each entity has a different business operation model and financial requirement, but a regularized financial control system is a must for all. Our experienced team will help the entity design the financial control system as per the internal controls that would enable the entity to optimize the funds in the best possible manner and take corrective measures in case any fund leakages happen. Besides the optimal utilization of funds, the internal financial control system will act pro-actively to avoid financial fraud in the entity.

Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures

As the business grows, the organization structure also expands, and it becomes imperative to have set rules for each business process to avoid miscommunication and adhere to industry regulation compliances. Our designed standard operating procedure (SOP) will enable the entity to achieve efficiency, the optimum qualitative output of employees, and uniformity in the performance.

Liquidation, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law

We help the entities ease the liquidation process by giving them the practical consultation that will comply with the regulations. Our consultation will be strictly in accordance with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 as amended from time to time. Apart from the consultation, documentation, and report preparation, our highly qualified experts also provide the services as Insolvency professionals as mentioned in the code.


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