Company Law

Company Law

We provide a myriad of services relating to Companies Act, 2013. We provide consultation on different implications of the law, its effect on your business and provide solutions for your business to adapt and grow in congruence with it.

Company Laws

The following are the sub-services we offer regarding Company Laws:


 We consult on entry strategy for any entity through our intense market research, forecasting, investment plans, and the competitive advantage available to the prospective company. Based on that, we assist in the documentation and incorporation of the new company as per The Companies Act, 2013. Apart from incorporation, we also assist the entity in various services such as change of name, change of objects, change from Public Ltd to Private Ltd, and offer various other services.

Mergers and Acquisition

We perform Financial due-diligence, HR due-diligence, Environmental due-diligence, Commercial due-diligence, Legal and compliance due-diligence to encapsulate the effect of M&A under consideration and suggest strategically viable solutions for your business. Whether it is acquisition through conglomeration, a consolidation merger, or a Management Led Buyout (MBO), our advisory helps you make the most profitable decision.  


Our services ensure your business adheres to different compliances set under the Companies Act. The compliance guarantee helps you garner trust among the stakeholders. 


When needed, we represent your business in accordance with the Company Law grievances in the National Company Law Tribunal and NCLT Appellate tribunal.


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