When it comes to compliance, taxes top the list of things a business much consider. Non-compliance with taxation not only costs monetary penalties, but also brings disrespect to the entity. In the evolving corporate structure, entities are required to stay updated with all the latest changes in the tax regulations. While our roots are connected to the Indian Tax Structure, we have evolved as international tax professionals over the years. We partner with businesses to assist them with our tailored services and build trust through our commitment and transparency.

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The following are the sub-services we offer under taxation:

Registration Under Various Tax Laws

Registration with tax authorities is the first step to getting recognized as an assessable entity. Various authorities across the globe have different criteria and processes for registration. Our expertise helps entities with pre-registration consultation, registration impacts, and registration formalities through proper documentation for a quick and hassle-free registration.

Advisory Services

Compliance of the taxes depends on the proper consultation, which is in the interest of business and adhering to all the regulations. With the right and practical tax advisory services, we also contribute towards accurate financial planning and forecast. Our advisory services include pre-registration advisory, implantation strategy, implementation planning, post implementation strategy, pro-active steps for smooth process, and advisory to avoid-non compliance.

Assistance in Compliance

Each tax law comes with a set of compliance requirements. We assist organizations with the required compliance from pre-registration till the payment of taxes. We also advise organizations regarding the assessments carried on by various authorities.

Preparation of Tax Returns

Our services help you file tax returns with utmost diligence and compliance. Tax returns include Income Tax returns, monthly as well as the annual return of GST, customs documentation, various forms required by the department, transfer pricing forms, return requirements, and any other returns required to be furnished to any local authorities.

Appearing Before Appellate Authority

Assessment is a technical part of the tax procedure for any entity. To keep the procedure seamless, we represent organizations before the appellate authority for indirect and direct taxes.

Advising on Cross Border Transactions

Our rich experience in dealing with international clients enables us to advise local businesses that seek advisory services on cross-border transactions. We carry out the tax due diligence in order to seek the viability of the cross-border transactions and then assist the entities in meeting all the compliance requirements.

Transfer Pricing

For businesses that operate globally or with multiple branches over the country, transfer pricing holds great importance. Our tax professionals analyze and interpret the effect of various Double Tax Avoidance Agreements, Mutual Agreement Procedures, applicable transfer pricing methods, forms, returns, tax audit reports requested by the authorities, and help with consultation on transfer pricing provision.

Goods and Service Tax Compliance

It is mandatory for all businesses that provide services to register with the Goods and Service Tax authority. The following are the services we offer:

  • Compliance as per the GST rates applicable to your business services
  • HSN Code procedures for specific products and services (unique code generation)
  • GST registration – basic requirements fulfillment.
  • Documents required for GST registration
  • GST Reconciliation Services
  • Compliance and requirements fulfillment for an e-Way bill (Electronic waybill)
  • Compliance and calculation of Input Tax Credit
  • LUT (Letter of Undertaking) application in case of the goods export
  • System of Appeals under GST
  • Consultancy in regard to GST Refund


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