Transaction Advisory

Transaction Advisory

We offer following transaction advisory services for companies, startups and upcoming venture

Business Advisory 1

Accounting, Financial and Tax due diligence

We provide professional services in accounting, finance, and tax due diligence such that an organization receives a comprehensive evaluation of different tax structures. Such due diligence enables the entity to make an informed decision regarding starting a new venture or taking over the business as the case may be.

Business Valuations

Through a team of committed personnel, we derive a thorough valuation of different tangibles and intangibles of the entity. We also serve as registered valuers as per the Companies Act, 2013. Such valuation is done with prudence, market analysis, research, and applicable valuation rules.

Business Plan development

We conduct extensive market research and gather data for data mining and analytics. Based on the insights, we develop a suitable business plan that is in line with the organization’s proposed vision, mission, and financial goals. With a practical business plan, we also assist with financial forecasting. With a robust plan and calculative projections, an entity can pitch confidently to investors for funding requirements.

Corporate Finance

In the present era, there are various sources for corporate finance apart from traditional funding. We assist entities in obtaining corporate finances with robust and compliant financial projects as well as CMA Data. Along with that, we also help the entity with modern financial sources such as crowd-funding, venture capital, and boot-strapping.

Business Continuity and Succession planning

In addition to accounting services, we also provide businesses with advisory services on business continuity and succession planning that help them take a contingent approach towards legacy.

Private Equity and IPO support

We assist you in the big step of going public by providing you with the proper guidance on both pre and post IPO, following the RBI guidelines, LODR regulations, and the applicable corporate governance requirement. Our support is based on thorough due diligence, documentation, advisor assessment, financial forecasting, and related services.

Advising and complying to various provision of FEMA/ RBI

Any organization needs to comply with various provisions set forth by regulatory bodies such as FEMA and RBI. We provide advisory services relating to international and domestic compliances regarding the funds that come in and go out of India.

Arbitration and conciliation

We represent clients in line with arbitration and conciliation to resolve conflicts of interest and help them achieve a middle ground. We aim to ensure that all the parties are in a win-win situation using alternate disputes adhering to Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996, as amended from time to time.

Alternative Investment Funds 

Alternative investment is an asset that doesn’t fall under the conventional investment categories, has fewer regulations, and tends to be illiquid. We help you form AIFs in the GIFT City (under the IFSC Authority) and SEBI.

Below are our services:

  • Formation
    • Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
    • Contribution Agreements
    • Investment Management Agreements
  • Structuring of Manager/Sponsor Entities + AIF Trust
  •  Yearly Audit of all entities including PPM audit
  • Taxation
    • Investor Taxation Compliances for Residents as well as Non-Residents
    • AIF Taxation and Compliance


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