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Virtual CFO

We believe in rendering maximum value through a commitment to the clients associated with us. We do this through our quality Virtual CFO services that include:

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GST Compliance

It is mandatory for all businesses that provide services to register with the Goods and Service Tax authority. The following are the services we offer under the virtual CFO package:

  • Compliance as per the GST rates applicable to your business services
  • HSN Code procedures for specific products and services (unique code generation)
  • GST registration – basic requirements fulfillment.
  • Documents required for GST registration.
  • GST Reconciliation Services
  • Compliance and requirements fulfillment for an e-Way bill (Electronic waybill).
  • Compliance and calculation of Input Tax Credit
  • LUT (Letter of Undertaking) application in case of the goods’ export
  • System of Appeals under GST.
  • Consultancy in regards to GST Refund.

TDS Compliance

Through our virtual CFO services, we assist you in carrying out all the compliances relating to Tax Deducted at Source under the provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961. The following are the virtual CFO services we offer under TDS Compliance:

  • General TDS rules compliance.
  • TDS rules: Implementation and calculation.
  • Timely notification of TDS payments made.
  • Support system for TDS portal related payments
  • Quarterly filing of returns.
  • Form 16/Form 16A compliance.
  • Reconciliation services of TDS through Form 26A.

HR services

CFOs have to go beyond their current domain expertise in finance and accounting. They must execute varied activities that are essential business functions for the organization, such as human resource functions. We offer the following services under HR:

  • End-to-end support for payroll processing for the organization across different levels.
  • Contractual agreements between company and employees, incomplete clauses relating to post-termination, and executive agreements
  • Policies pertaining to employment
  • Policies that apply to key management executives. Clauses include incomplete clauses, garden-leave clauses, blue pencil clauses, and restrictive covenants.
  • Human resources outsourcing related agreements
  • Compliances relating to Industrial Disputes Act, Shops and Establishments Act, and Workmen Compensation
  • General HR-related work across various levels of the organization.
  • Policy Documentation support in regards to company handbook, exit clauses, and related
  • Drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

Income Tax Return filing

Income tax return filing is one of the most important activities that organizations undertake for earning some or the other form of income. A thorough approach with knowledge of which rules apply where is needed for which only experts can be relied upon. The following are the services that we offer under Income Tax Returns:

  • Income Tax Act 1961 related compliances
  • Periodical income tax returns filing
  • Tax filing respective to the rates applicable
  • Income Tax Returns calculation
  • Reconciliation as per Form 26As
  • Engage in advanced income tax calculation wherever applicable

ROC (Registrar of Companies) compliances

When a company is formed, it must satisfy the requirements stipulated in the Registrar of Companies. Filing specific returns with the Registrar of Company is a must for any company. The following are the services we offer under ROC compliance:

  • Filing of annual statements with ROC
  • Maintenance of compliance for meeting minutes
  • Maintain compliance of Know Your Client (KYC) for all the Directors of the company
  • Rendering assistance in the preparation of board resolutions
  • CS (company secretary) related services and support

Legal Support Services

Apart from financial and accounting services, we also offer legal support services through our virtual CFO services. We offer a range of legal support services such as follows:

  • Provide a procedure for the company formation
  • Legal compliances relating to ROC
  • Vetting service for all the policies and legal contracts
  • All kinds of agreements such as Service Level (SLA), Master Service (MSA), Franchising and Leasing
  • Support services relating to litigation and appeal
  • Guidance and legal template creation for entering into a contract with various entities

MIS reporting

In order to make a calculated and well-informed decision, it is crucial to obtain reports that reflect the multifaceted information needed for making key decisions. The following are the services we offer under virtual CFO:

  • Preparation of various reports for budgeting
  • Forecasting of finances
  • Report drafting and compliance
  • Analysis of reports

Book keeping

Timely recording of all the financial transactions is necessary to gain a holistic idea of an organization’s inventory, supplies, purchases, and sales. We offer the following bookkeeping services under virtual CFO:

  • Ledgers management
  • Accounts management
  • Rectification
  • Tally

Payables Management Services

Management and allocation of payables are essential for an organization to stay out of debt. The following are the services that we offer under payables management services:

  • Expenses allocation
  • Order priority settlement for debts.
  • Creditors negotiation

Acting CFO services

As a part of our virtual CFO services, we also offer interim CFO services that carry out services for various organizations wherein an individual will act as a CFO only for a particular time frame.

Financial Management

Managing finances is one of our core strengths. We offer the following services under financial management under virtual CFO:

  • All-round management of a company’s finances
  • Preparation of reports
  • Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

We also offer corporate governance services as part of our virtual CFO services. The following are the services that we offer:

  • Framework implementation for corporate governance
  • Rendering assistance in clarification of roles played by the executive and non-executive directors.


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