The ever-dynamic Corporate Financial Framework requires organizations to stay abreast with the prevailing rules and regulations as it impacts organizational decision-making and compliance. Our attestation services are in line with the framework applicable to the organization to ensure meeting the statutory requirements.

We rely on stringent auditing standards and time-tested audit practices to perform the annual audit of the company accounts.


Attestation Services1

The following are the sub-services we offer under Attestation:

Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit is a mandatory requirement. To comply with applicable rules, regulations, and the entity-specific framework, we prepare audit reports which are in line with the entity-covered regulator. We give an opinion on the truth and fairness of the financial statements based on the information provided to us by the management.

Tax Audit

Tax Planning requires diligent professional knowledge and in-depth understanding of the business. Our highly skilled team assists organizations with all the necessary tax compliance and timely submission of tax audit reports. Depending on the company’s nature of business, our service includes tax planning for the organization and performing tax audits as per The Income Tax Act, 1961. We render our services to various entities such as Partnership firms, Companies, Limited Liability Partnership, Trust, etc.

General Compliance, Audit and Certification

With our thorough understanding of industry standards and legal framework, we provide general compliance and audit-related services to businesses. We also provide actionable insights on different financial parameters of the companies by understanding their business. We specialize in 15CA/CB Certification, Net-worth Certification, and certification for specific needs like loans, Reserve Bank of India requirements, or government authority requirements.


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