Mr. Laxminarayan Yekkali

As a veteran in the field of taxation, Mr. Laxminarayan has been a commendable partner to the firm sharing his expertise across multiple facets in the domain of taxation. He has played a critical role in the internal audit of various companies and has conducted an audit of many organizations comprising both non-government organizations and charitable trusts.

The journey

Mr. Laxminarayan began his journey as a tax consultant helping organizations meet their tax compliances and plan their tax as per the continuously evolving tax rules and regulations. He has worked with both private and public enterprises to draft a comprehensive tax plan for them and help them strategize their finances in accordance with it. Currently, he is a reputed partner of the firm known for his knowledge and expertise in the domain taxation.

Professional and Personal Interests

Mr. Laxminarayan is incredibly passionate about taxation and has consulted on the matters relating to Indirect tax of Bombay Sales Tax, Maharastra VAT, Service Tax and GST. He has conducted valuation of shares for many companies. He has also conducted audit of non government organizations and charitable trusts.

A leader

Having accumulated experience through years of working with private and public clients, Mr. Laxminarayan has mentored and led a team of tax experts to successfully conduct comprehensive tax audits and helped organizations plan their tax effectively.

Educational qualification

Mr. Laxminarayan is a certified Chartered Accountant having earned certificates on International Financial Reporting standards and Maharastra Co.Op. Society Act conducted by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.


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