Mr. Drupad K Patel

Mr. Drupad is a distinguished professional with expertise in Private Equity, Tax and Transaction Advisory. He holds the prestigious designation of being an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA).

The Journey

Mr. Drupad started his professional journey in 2013 when he joined the esteemed firm. Since then, he has been actively involved in providing top-notch financial services and support. He has also spent time working with a Private Equity firm based in Mumbai working as a Business Analyst.

Professional and Personal Interests

With a focus on Transaction Advisory and Deal Making, Mr. Drupad K Patel plays a vital role in facilitating business advisory and support services for various startups and SMEs. His commendable knowledge and experience have been instrumental in aiding these businesses in raising funds through venture capital firms, High Networth Individuals, and Private Equity entities across the country.

A Leader

Throughout his tenure, Mr. Drupad K Patel has showcased exceptional leadership skills, ensuring the success of his teams and the clients he serves. His involvement with startups and SMEs has significantly contributed to their growth and financial prosperity.

Educational Qualification

Mr. Drupad is an accomplished professional, holding the designation of an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA). His dedication to excellence and passion for assisting businesses make him a valuable asset to the firm’s clientele.


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