Mr. Navin Patel

Encyclopedic knowledge and vast experience take a person to new heights. Mr. Navin Patel is one such man who embarked on a spectacular journey of acquiring knowledge and experience. Through his sustained efforts and perseverance, he worked his way up the corporate ladder to become the Chief Technology Officer at Manubhai & Shah LLP.

His analytical and interpersonal skills make him a leader who never ceases to motivate his team. He is an empathetic leader with rich experience in managing teams.

The journey

He has worked as a freelancer for 2 decades to craft and sharpened his skill set, preparing himself for the next big thing. Having worked as an Electronics engineer, Computer engineer, and IT consultant provided him with extensive technical knowledge. He utilized the rich experience to work as a Manager for the next 10 years.

  • 1986 – Electronics Engineer (freelance)
  • 1990 – Computer Engineer (freelance)
  • 2000 – IT Security Consultant (freelance)
  • 2008 – Systems Manager
  • 2019 – CTO – Manubhai & Shah LLP

Professional and personal interests

Technology fascinates Mr. Navin, and his passion led him to excel in plenty of verticals. He tries to understand the technology and best part of all, he prefers to implement new technology himself. He never depends on technology implementation vendors. To list down a few – Microsoft Azure, PowerShell automation, Combat against virus, ISMS documentation and implementation, access controls over data, people and resource.

On the personal front, he is an initiator and a go-getter. He conceives the ideas and work hard to convert them to workable solution.

A brilliant leader

Mr. Navin is a self-made man, a perfectionist who does not settle for the ordinary. His enormous experience and successful ventures are a true reflection that he achieves the best in whatever he takes up. Through selfless leadership, he has helped multiple companies embark on the journey of technological innovation. He enjoys excellent rapport and respect within his teams.

Educational qualifications

After becoming an Electronics Engineer in 1985 from Mumbai, he took numerous training and certifications for enhancing his skillset. He’s a Microsoft Certified System Engineer and holds a CISA certificate too. To this date, he hasn’t stopped learning to keep pace with the technological advancements and trends.


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